Save time, save money, save your sanity!

SpyderMunkey is simple and effective to use. We watch the prices of items on your wishlists so you don't have to. We let you know when prices drop below a specific threshold or price, which can be set by you. True set it and forget it logic.

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Set Maximum Price

Customize the maximum price notification. Reduce spam. Increase shopping pleasure.

Bulk Buyer Paradise

Perfect for office employees in charge of buying in bulk. (eg. Pens, Paper, Ink, etc)

Great For New Parents

Add items like baby formula and diapers, know when the price has dropped and buy them out! Keeps you stocked and prepared.

Currently leverages the largest online retail outlet available. Using Amazon allows you to monitor a larger number of products.

Remove Unwanted Items

Don't want to track the price of an item? Remove it easily from the output you see and from notifications.


We understand that your privacy is important. We will never use your data for ill deeds! Our friends and family use this service too.